KitTxt is a set of online tools for text and lists, among other easy-to-use utilities that help you in your daily life; useful for sorting, transforming, removing and manipulating texts.

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Texts and buttons are explanatory of the respective function, but here we highlight some relevant points.

Undo: allows to go back in some operation that you were not supposed to do.

Copy: copies text to the clipboard.

Clear: deletes all text.

Change order: allows to change list order alphabetically, length and random.

Transform: allows to transform text or lines as indicated on each button.

Remove: permite remover itens conforme indicado em cada botão.

Search & replace: searches in text for the term indicated and replaces it with the desired one.

Keep rows containing: keeps all lines containing the specified term.

Remove lines containing: removes all lines that contain the specified term.

Trim: removes side spaces that may exist on a line.

Clone text: replicates the text "x" times.

CamelCase: converts text into CamelCase.

Spintax: for those who work with "spintax" it can be transformed into current text.